DNA Haplogroups

DNA Haplogroups

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DNA studies have shown that all people living today can be traced back to common ancestors originating in Africa approximately 150,000 years ago. Modern man first ventured out of Africa around 100,000 years ago, and in many waves of migrations spanning tens of thousands of years, man travelled along distinct paths by land and sea and eventually populated the rest of the world.

During the ancient migrations, natural genetic changes called "SNPs" occurred randomly in the DNA every few thousand years. Whenever a SNP occurs, it is passed down to all future generations, acting as a time and date stamp for that point in the journey. Today, each of us carries a unique collection of SNPs in our DNA, passed down to us from our ancestors over thousands of years. By decoding our SNPs, we can retrace the path of our ancestors over the past 150,000 years and discover our "haplogroup", the unique placement of man in the phylogenetic tree of mankind. The DNA Ancestry Project allows you to test your own DNA to determine your haplogroup.

Haplogroups, investigating the ancient history of man using DNA

Once you determine your haplogroup, you can take part in the rapidly progressing field of haplogroup research, and watch as new discoveries are made and the story of your haplogroup unfolds.

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