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DNA Haplogroups mtDNA contains genetic markers which allow all humans living today to be classified into ancient family groups called "haplogroups". The mtDNA has 3 main regions, namely HVR-1, HVR-2 and Coding Regions. Testing all 3 regions will allow an individual to confirm his/her mtDNA haplogroup. However, by testing just the HVR-1 region, the mtDNA haplogroup can be predicted. In order to confirm the mtDNA haplogroup, all 3 regions must be tested.
DNA Reunion

Individuals who share the same maternal lineage will have very exactly the same mtDNA profile. Using DNA Reunion, participants can search for potential maternal line matches.

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Indigenous DNA

Researchers around the world are rapidly documenting the mtDNA SNP marker profiles of indigenous populations. Indigenous DNA is an indigenous populations database which contains the data from the latest research studies. This feature allows people who have tested their mtDNA SNP markers to compare them to indigenous populations from around the world to see which populations most closely match their genetic profile.

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DNA Archaeology

DNA testing has been an invaluable tool for scientists to uncover otherwise unanswerable questions in history. Examples of cases solved using DNA include the identification of the son of Marie Antoinette, identification of the Romanov remains, and even proving that Thomas Jefferson fathered the children of his slave Sally Hemmings. As each famous case is solved by DNA, the DNA profile becomes available to the public. DNA Archaeology allows people who have tested their DNA to compare their DNA profile to famous people in history to see if they have any family ties.

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